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How to beat the inflation blues (and 2 stocks to do so)

If you've been noticing a little less cash in your wallet recently, it's very likely that inflation is to blame.

For the 12 months until the end of September, the prices of fruit and vegetables rose more than 16%, while dairy products increased by around 12%. Fuel prices, which thankfully have dropped from their peak, are still up 18% for the year. Energy bills, however, are still on the rise, with gas and other household fuels lifting nearly 11% in the September quarter. Ouch!

You've probably also noticed that inflation hasn't been kind to share markets. But some sectors (and stocks) are far better placed to play it.

Here, Bell Direct's Grady Wulff was joined by Blackmore Capital's Marcus Bogdan and Firetrail Investments' Blake Henricks for their thoughts on whether inflation will remain sticky into the new year, as well as the top sectors and stocks to outperform if it remains anywhere above central banks' target levels of 2-3%.


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