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About Us

With over 25 years’ experience of being dependable custodians of investor capital, we have navigated through a myriad of market cycles and delivered capital accretion by applying our time-tested investment framework with relentless discipline. Equipped with the skill and temperament of the intelligent investor, we distance ourselves from the conventional short-term and noise-laden attitudes towards the stock market and aim to identify genuine high-quality investment opportunities for the long term. 


Wholly dedicated to the success of the patient investor, we invest for the long term and do not speculate. The core of our belief is that a high-quality business should display consistency of earnings, exhibit an ability to maintain returns, possess a strong balance sheet, have substantial potential market opportunity, adopt sound corporate governance and be available for purchase below are our estimated intrinsic value.


We contend, through years of application, that superior knowledge and subsequently better risk adjusted returns can be achieved through an active process of company and industry visits.

Our Values

A custodian
of capital

creating sustainable value for our investors and the communities in which we
operate in.

An enquiring
mind –

a natural curiosity, underlined by eagerness for knowledge and understanding.

A calm
temperament –

providing the foundation for resilience and patient investing.

The importance
of partnership –

of nurturing trusted relationships & the wholehearted alignment through co-investment.

Our values reflect Blackmore Capital’s distinctive and disciplined approach to investing

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