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Investment Approach

Our investment approach aims to generate long-term risk-adjusted returns by investing in companies that focus on producing high-quality earnings and operate in industries that exhibit favourable long-term growth prospects. More broadly, we consider a range of attributes which we believe are essential qualities in the companies in which we invest.

We construct and manage each portfolio with eight consistent guiding principles:


Grow capital and over the long term


Focus on the quality of company earnings


Identify quality assets at an attractive valuation


A vigilant process of portfolio risk analysis


Generate a suitable return on capital employed


Invest in companies operating in robust industry structures


Select for balance sheet latency and the sustainability of dividend income


A corporate governance structure that actively promotes alignment with key stakeholders

Our investment style blends both value and growth strategies within the one portfolio. The portfolios are style neutral. We believe that generating a wide source of returns enables the portfolio to offer superior diversification and less idiosyncratic & systematic risk. Our approach is principally fundamental analysis, but we do overlay a series of quantitative screens at both a security and portfolio level.

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