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Blackmore Capital - What is our competitive advantage?

A focused strategy - Blackmore Capital is singularly focused on executing one strategy, namely as a long only investor in the Australian Equity Market. Each of our Portfolio Managers have individually dedicated almost 3 decades to this purpose. Australian equity investment is what we ‘live & breathe’. It is our life’s work.

The heritage of accumulated knowledge has provided advantages of understanding the economic cycle of returns for companies in which we invest.

Indeed, it is this appreciation that provides the opportunity to better understand the catalysts for future creation of value or the potential destruction of value in the future.

Investment Process - Blackmore Capital’s investment process of screening for: earnings quality, industry trends, balance sheet resilience, ESG materiality, board/management execution & valuation combined with an active company/industry visitation program underpins our analytical framework. The investment discipline and independent analysis gathered from a wide range of sources provides us with insights that have enduring value for our investors.

Execution - the Blackmore Capital equity portfolio aims to deliver superior risk adjusted returns measured against its benchmark and industry peer group. Critically, the portfolio objective is to deliver capital and income growth with lower volatility and greater downside protection relative to the ASX 200 index.


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